Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some More Naughty Nights

Christmas is upon us!! How are those Naughty Nights going??

Christmas is commonly a time to make memories… and hopefully you are making some amazing ones with your beloved this year. I trust that there have been moments of sheer joy and certainly a little laughter, and maybe just a hint of frustration or weariness along the way. But I truly hope that you have had a wonderful time as you have invested time in your marriage.

Remember during the frenzy of Christmas day not to overlook your most precious gift… your spouse, your lover, your friend.

So, from our marriage to yours... Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Now how about some more suggestions…

Coming from Behind no pun intended (wife lying on her tummy while hubby lies atop her back, this can be done legs together or apart – or both!)

Full Face Mount For Her (wife lying back on the bed while hubby kneels in front of your face and thrusts gently in your mouth) This is very erotic ladies, enjoy!

Reverse Cowgirl (hubby on his back, wife sits on top facing away from him and ‘rides’ like a cowgirl) *helpful tip – this may take a moment or two of shifting and repositioning, but stick with it until you figure it out – you will do less ‘riding’ and more gliding. It’s really fab!

Sit Here Baby (hubby sitting in a chair, wife sits on his lap facing away)

Wake Me Up (just as the name implies, ladies wake your hubby in the middle of the night for a little midnight fun, you’ll likely find him easily aroused!) This is always good for the second go around.

Between the Breasts (wife lies on her back and pushes her breasts together while hubby sits lightly on her rib cage and glides his penis back and forth between her breasts) Don’t forget the lube!

69 Woman On Top (hubby on his back, wife on top with her vulva at his mouth and his penis at her mouth)

On Bended Knee (hubby will get down on one knee, wife gets on both knees in front of hubby, move in close and your genitals should be lined up. This works well when the woman drapes one leg over the hubby’s bended knee) This one requires some experimenting, but give it a try; it’s a great make-out position.

Stand Me Up (hubby backs wife up against the wall her legs slightly spread hubby enters her and thrusts)

Spicy B


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these suggestions. Although we have missed a few nights here and there this has helped to keep us excited and has given us something to look forward to, and I really believe it has kept us focused on one another more.

Great blog. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

SpicyB said...

Wonderful! "Focused" on your spouse is exactly what I'm encouraging!! So glad you stopped by and found something you could benefit from.