Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexy Sultry Bed

Valentine’s Day is now only 4 days away… as the anticipation builds let’s look at your bedroom for a moment.

I gave you some simple and practical ideas for gifts to suit your beloved’s love language, now I’d like to give you some simple and sexy ideas for your bedroom. Nothing says sex better than a sexy sultry bed! A bed that is beautiful, sumptuous, and enticing is a bed that begs to be the playground for a fabulous seduction.

Never underestimate the allure of a seductive atmosphere. A room layered with sultry colors, opulent textures, and sumptuous linens is a room that breeds passion. It is a room where desire is easily kindled and the embers of eroticism are fanned into a roaring flame.

By now your imaginations are running wild with anticipation as you assess your love nest, visualizing how wonderful a sexy sultry bedroom would be.

Instead of spending $75 or more on roses that will die in just a few days, invest that money in upgrading your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Start with some simple upgrades and build from there. If you can afford to redo the entire room, then go for it!

The basic elements of a sexy sultry bedroom are
* Lighting

* Mirrors

* Pillows

* Bedding

The easiest and simplest of these is LIGHTING. No boudoir is complete without candles. Candles are an inexpensive and sexy way to enhance your room, so go crazy.
For safety sake you want to always use glass votive candles or tea lights. Try to avoid pillar candles in the event that you fall asleep before the candles are blown out. If you already own pillars then leave them as a part of the décor. A dozen well placed red glass votives will cast a sensuous glow upon your room. Not to mention how gorgeous naked skin looks against candlelight.

Another inexpensive and beautiful way to enhance the lighting in your bedroom is by using amber light bulbs in your lamps. Just one of these bulbs makes a world of difference.

Now let’s tackle MIRRORS. A well placed mirror, or two or three, is a wonderful sexual element for your bedroom. Choose a mirror that matches your style and furniture. Personally I love a large floor mirror that can be angled strategically. I also love mirrors on the wall behind the bed, as well as a medium sized mirror that is hung on the wall but can be easily removed for various activities. Another large mirror on the wall opposite the foot of your bed is SPECTACULAR and makes those mirrors at the head of your bed even more effective. Whatever you choose to do with the mirrors, hang them at a level beneficial to what you are trying to accomplish. If you just want mirrors in your room then hang them at eye level, but if you want to use the mirrors to assist you in seeing yourselves at play then get onto the bed and see what works best.

PILLOWS!! They look great and can be used to aid in all kinds of sexual play! You can never have too many pillows. They can get expensive, so start with a few and build from there. The great thing about pillows is you can mix and match sizes, textures and colors. Try to stay within one or two shades of the same color palette. Mix and match stripes, solids or prints. Pillows are the easiest thing to change in a room to freshen things up.

Last but not least is BEDDING. Let’s start with linens. In my opinion this is the place to spend a little extra money. Cheap sheets feel like just that – cheap! Spring for a more expensive set of sheets in a lovely neutral shade that matches your room’s décor, and don’t get hung up on thread count alone. Open the package and feel the sheets for yourself. How do they feel? If they feel soft before washing, they are likely to feel even better when they are fresh and clean. Now I know that everyone talks about “silk sheets” as if they are the ultimate in linens, and they do feel wonderful to sleep on, HOWEVER, they are extremely slippery and in my own humble opinion, make being creative in bed more difficult than it needs to be. Again, that’s just my opinion. Buy what you think you will like best.

If you are going to change your comforter, choose something simple. You will be wise to choose solids or tone on tone stripes, maybe even a simple jacquard pattern, rather than busy prints. The biggest mistake people make in the bedroom is decorating for one person’s taste, not both. Most men don’t love a floral room, while most women don’t love an overly masculine room. Decorate your room for both of you. Pick colors that evoke feelings of peace and tranquility, and accent with rich bold colors that exude sensuousness. When decorating your bedroom, less is more. Simple is beautiful.

As a finishing touch add a set of elegant velvet drapes layered atop a shimmering organza sheer. Add some beautiful tiebacks and you have a lovely window to match your sexy sultry bed.

As always, enjoy!

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