Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Spicy St. Patrick's Day To You

Ahhhh, St. Patty’s Day! (Said with my best Irish accent) The Irish have so many wonderful traditions, so I thought I would take one or two of them and tweak them just a bit to add a little something spicy to this year’s holiday.

Did you know that one of the reasons men carry their brides across the threshold is because the Irish feared if the bride should trip and fall upon entering her home it would be bad luck for her marriage.

Did you also know that it is customary for the Irish to prank newlyweds on the night of their wedding making it difficult for them to “consummate the marriage.” Because of this annoying tradition the newlyweds would try to sneak away unnoticed, and thus the tradition of tying cans to the bumper of the car to thwart just such an escape.

One more Irish Tradition I found interesting was the giving of a bell as a gift to the bride. In Irish tradition the ringing of a bell was thought to keep evil spirits away and thereby bless the marriage.

It is also said that Irish women are very assertive when pursuing a man. They are not shy when it comes to approaching men, and they are not shy once they have them where they want them.

And possibly most interesting of all is that fact that Irish men are much more conversational. It is said that since Irish men are well aware that the Irish women want them they don’t waste their time on building strong physiques in order to attract a woman, but rather devote their time to developing their intellect and quick wit. Because once a woman spots the man she’s interested in he’d better be able to keep her once she starts talking to him.

There you have it, a small and by no means exhaustive, lesson on Irish Tradition. So with that said, I’m going to take those last little tidbits and tweak them just a bit for my purposes here.


Most women love to give and receive gifts that have significance to them. In honor of the Irish Wedding Tradition I think it would be really cool to give your wife a small bell as a gift for St. Patty’s Day. Along with the bell you might include a note of praise and blessing about your marriage. The bell needn’t be expensive, just something thoughtful and heartfelt. You can typically find something like this at a Hallmark or similar type gift store.


Now for something “spicy!” As I said earlier, Irish women are kind of aggressive when it comes to their men. They like to take charge and don’t shy away from trying new things!! So… I am challenging you girls to take charge! Maybe even try something new and naughty. I hope you’re up to it, here goes.

Start early in the day by driving him wild with anticipation.

You could wake him up by snuggling up close to him and kissing his neck while caressing his body until he becomes aroused, whisper in his ear that there is more to come tonight. (And yes, it’s okay to leave his urges unsatisfied as it’ll just make sex that much better for him that evening).

Next give him a nice long look at your naked body as you dress for your day. And might I suggest a long lingering hug while still in the buff. Imagine yourself standing there completely naked hugging your husband while he’s fully dressed. It will drive him crazy! (*This would be a perfect time to slip a few peppermints into his pocket.*)

From there, send him some sexy messages throughout the day and tell him exactly what you’re going to do to him! Naughty, naughty things. Greet him in the evening with a long wet *peppermint* kiss. Press his hands against your body and remind him again how “Lucky” he is to have you.

Be creative and sexy with what you wear in the bedroom… you can go with some sexy St. Patty's day lingerie or quite possibly just as enticing is a man’s dress shirt with nothing underneath, or a simple green necktie with some sexy heels and nothing else. Fabulous!

Just before bed, suck on a peppermint and then rub it on areas of your body you want him to kiss. It’ll be a sweet and tasty surprise.

So that’s it Girls. You are in charge. You make the first move and all the moves that follow. Treat your hubby to a St. Patrick’s Day he’ll not soon forget!

*To help you stay focused on the sexy task at hand, put those peppermints in a bowl on your counter or desk and pop one in your mouth throughout the day as a reminder of the sweet and spicy sex you are going to treat your hubby to.*

The great thing about adding the peppermints is that from now on every time he sees or sucks on a peppermint he’s going to think of you and remember this night.


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