Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Sexy Easter Egg Hunt

Learning to take advantage of Holidays is a wonderful way to add a little spice to your marriage and bless your amazing spouse. It is the perfect time to give sexual treats, play sexy games, and mix things up. Easter is no exception!

This is a fun little game, with potentially big benefits!

You take Plastic Easter Eggs, just like the ones you put out for your children, and put little sexy suggestions or commands inside them and then hide them around the house. You will want to go with your spouse as they look for the eggs, as they find each egg have them open them up and do what's written on the paper inside. This can be a tame or as wild as you want to be!

Some suggestions…

Remove an article of your clothing.

Remove an article of my clothing. (I usually do enough of these to leave us both naked at the end of the Easter Egg Hunt!)

Describe for me your favorite part of my body… then kiss me there.

Show me where you most liked to be kissed. (Then kiss them there)

Run your hands over my body… linger at your favorite place.

What is your favorite position, and why?

Ask me about my favorite position!

Tell me why you love me.

What is your favorite thing about sex? (The answer may surprise you)

Ask me anything!

Kiss me softly.

What can I do to be a better lover?

What is your ideal number of times to have sex in a week? (Discuss your expectations and figure out if this can be reasonably accomplished) However, do NOT ask this if you don’t really want to know, otherwise the fun will likely end immediately!

I usually put out one egg that is of a completely different color and hide it so it is found last, inside it says… Make love to me, right here right now!!

These are only suggestions. As always only do what you are comfortable with. This is meant to be fun! And you may find you learn something new along the way. As I said earlier, only ask or suggest those things you feel you or your spouse will be comfortable with. Your goal is to build intimacy!

The one caution I do give is this, it is very important that you know how many eggs you are using and that they are all found!! You don’t want to find yourself explaining what *&@X%^% is to your children! So put the kids to bed early or send them to grandma’s and have a wonderful time!



Tom said...


the only problem for me is that we'll have some teenagers around...

Maybe I could do it on a different day....... hhhmmmmmmmm.....

Thanks for the SUPER suggestion

SpicyB said...

Teenagers can be a trick that's for sure... I usually send mine to a friend's house when I'm planning things like this! Good luck Tom.