Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying to Get Back Into the Swing of Things

Well it turns out that 2011 was a much more difficult year than I anticipated.

What I had thought would be an exciting year of change and new opportunities turned out to be a year fraught with tears, turmoil and uncertainty. I wish I could say I held up well and thrived in the trial, but sadly that cannot be said.

I was a mess!

I'm still a mess.

But, now somewhat hopeful that as this New Year begins I can pull it all together, right some of the wrongs of last year and turn myself around and see how God is working it out for good.

One thing is for certain, I am ever thankful for the love and support of a wonderful Godly husband who holds me up when I can no longer muster the strength to stand.

I look forward to writing more about life and love in the days to come.

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